Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Oban and Isle of Mull day one report

My first full day on the Isle of Mull and it was raining heavily!!! We took the ferry back over to Oban we although dark and cloudy with showers, it did give us the opportunity for some photography.  The subjects here were Black Guillemot's, which sometimes reside in the storm drains on Oban's promenade. Here we did observe one attacking a Rock Dove which was also trying to shelter in the drain. After this we headed back to Mull and took the road from Salen around the centre of the Island photographing waders etc and again sighting an otter. So despite the rain which would continue for much of the week some good photography was achieved, I think? In tomorrow's report, amongst others, I will be posting my first images of White Tailed Sea Eagles.

Black Guillemot, Oban

Black Guillemot in the storm drain at Oban

Common Sandpiper

A rather drowned looking Hooded Crow


Waders, sitting out the rain


Two Oyster Catchers, who were not to keen to see each other, these two were fighting for a good few minutes.

Red Deer, of which there are quite a few on the Isle


WPATW said...

Like the Black Guillemots. Never got them on my various Mull trips

Monts said...

Great shots Bob, enjoy the trip and keep em coming.

holdingmoments said...

Some cracking shots there Bob, but the Black Guillemot is superb.

JRandSue said...

Everyone a winner,perfection in the making.
Terrific stuff,well done Bob.