Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Isle of Mull day two report, Eagles and Otters

Well as predicted we were greeted with heavy rain and dismal lighting for most of the day. However on a plus side we certainly were not let down by the number of wildlife we had the opportunity to see and photograph. The major event of the day would be our boat trip to view and hopefully photograph White Tailed Eagles. These majestic birds were wiped out due to persecution and egg collecting and disappeared form mainland Britain for over fifty years. The last British bird was shot in Shetland in 1918, following a couple of trial releases the birds were re-introduced in 1975.  There are now believed to be over fifty breeding pairs. We were taken out on a boat, where the ships Captain is allowed to feed three fish only to the Eagles so the birds do not become dependant on his supply. Sometimes there is a no-show by the Eagle but we were in luck, and managed to get some images despite the poor light. Details On Isle of Mull Sea Eagle Trips can be found here. Well onto the images from the day, if you want to be super critical some are slightly blurred, lighting conditions were pants!!

Grasshopper Warbler

White Tailed Eagles scans the sea for the fish.

A successful take by the Eagle

Returning to the nest with the catch

Sabine's Gull, a bonus spotted on the return leg of the boat trip

Eider a difficult bird to photograph especially in poor light.

The Otter comes ashore to eat a large crab

Still enjoying the meal

Keeping a lookout whilst eating


Unknown said...

Eagle shots are impressive in such poor light and the otter shots are great ,also love that Razorbill image from earlier post.

Kah-Wai Lin said...

Wonderful series of images!

Monts said...

Great shots of the Eagle Bob also like the "Otter" ones as well sorry for the pun.

holdingmoments said...

Catching up here Bob.
That White Tailed Eagle catching the fish, is an excellent shot.

Adrian Langdon said...

Love the otter shots Bob.... every photographers dream images!