Tuesday 20 December 2011

Cloudy Cornwall, but the camera still gets out!!!!

Another grey day with the odd chink of sunlight, surely this run of pants weather will change soon.  Don't mind another 10degrees off the temp, some snow and ice, but all this grey cloud and rain is winding me up.  Made a visit to Carnsew for calm conditions today.  One of the Great Northern Divers was about six meters off the edge from where I was standing, heading my way.  I was just waiting for it to get the right side of the light when someone stepped hastily out from the pathway behind me and off it went. "sorry I must off scared it"(happens from time to time) so that was that scuppered.  The cormorant made a close pass to make up for it. Decided to visit Marazion here I saw two Bittern, 1 x kestrel and a Water Rail. some pictures below.

Kestrel, (oh, for a blue sky?)

One of the two Bitterns

Great Northern Diver, making off.

Cormorant, up close.

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