Monday, 26 December 2011

Great Northern Diver at Carnsew Pool

Well we are still having a unbelievable run of cloud and crap light, and it looks set to continue. Well all I could do today was practice trying to get a bit closer to the Great Northern Diver using the D300s instead of the D3s.  Well I did get closer but had to wait over an hour for the bird to come in range and by then the light was very poor. So just the one shot, but at least the good shots will be there if the sun ever appears again before the bird departs.

Great Northern Diver-Carnsew Basin


John Theberge said...

This is a first time visit for me. I enjoyed your bird photos.

Joop Zand said...

Nice shot Bob

have a nice evening.

Greetings, Joop

JRandSue said...

Well worth the wait Bob,cracking shot.

Sam and Lisa said...

Great shot there Bob, and you are absolutely right, the light is terrible.

holdingmoments said...

Good shot in the bad light Bob.
We've had one of these at my local lake since the middle of November. Nice birds to see.

Adrian Langdon said...

Don't give up on this one Bob as it's a great bird and you're close enough. Just pray for that little bit of light!

Bobbster said...

Thanks for all the comments, I won't be giving up on getting a better shot, just need the right lighting conditions. On that point still not looking good for a few days yet!!!!