Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Wet and Windy Carnsew Pool

Well the weather is still destroying my efforts to get some decent pictures of the Great Northern Diver at Carnsew, heavy wind and showers. The wind made it almost impossible to take pictures with the big lens today. Certainly just could not get the Turnstone's right. Do seem to be having some luck with Kestrels at present though! Onto the images from today then:

Little Egret

Turnstone, impossible to hold the camera steady even on a tripod due to the gusting winds

Kestrel, shame about the sky but that changed the next time around

Nice capture of the rare blue sky and a Kestrel, notice the blood on the claws and face area, looks like he has just fed a short time ago.


holdingmoments said...

Those Kestrel shots are superb Bob.

Unknown said...

Love the Little Egret Image and the second Kestrel photo is a stunner the best yet?

Anonymous said...

You do just amazing work... I love it.

WPATW said...

Nice on the Kestrels too Bob :-)


Phil Slade said...

Super Kestrels Bob!

judy lax said...

Hi Bob lovely photo's, apart from the poor lapwing, as you say that is nature, survival of the fittest.