Sunday, 17 October 2010

Missed Opportunities

Cursing my luck today, At one stage I somehow set the camera to manual and didn't realise until I had took some close up Bittern and Kingfisher shots, B-gger!!!! Also given today was sunny I reckon the D300s is over exposing by 1 stop compared to my old Canon system so I shall have to review the histogram more often to keep a close eye on that one. Enough of my mistakes and onto the pictures: 

Yes kingfisher on the post at Marazion, one of the images that was taken with the camera set in manual by mistake. I didn't believe the Kingfishers used this post.

Heron with mouse? My view was obscured by reeds and the image over exposed.

The heron had the mouse firmly trapped in its beak and proceeded to take it to the water edge and try to drown it? or make it easier to swallow if wet? Anyway odd behaviour but glad I witnessed it even though the picture isn't great. This one is post the dunking.

Canada Geese fly into Ryans Field at high tide.

Kingfisher at Ryan's field, my closest image of a KF yet so it made up for all the near misses during today

Bittern, typical the sun went in before he flew, so a slow shutter of 1/180 sec.

Again camera was in manual and I didn't realise!!!! My closest view of a Bittern yet and sods law the camera was in the wrong mode!!!


Sam and Lisa said...

Superb set, the Heron with the mouse is brill, is the mouse a water vole.

Scillybirds said...

Lovely collection of shots but my favorite is the Heron shot with the Mouse Well Done

Dominic Gendron said...

NIce shots, love the one of the Heron with the mice ;)