Monday, 23 May 2011

Isle of Mull, Introduction

Well I arrived on the Isle of Mull on the 15th of May, the night prior to the wildlife photography workshop run by Marcus Conway of ebirder . I met up with Marcus and went for a quick drive before the remainder of the party pitched up. This is where I gained these initial images, nothing brilliant but some great images to follow later (mainly White Tailed Eagles and Otters) I have another four/five days of images to post as soon as I can, so call back if you wish to see what Mull has to offer.

Great Northern Diver


Otter, my first sighting on Mull


S K Ditta said...

Bob, I am most glad to see you back, doing what you love. Certainly look forward to the forthcoming pictures.

Ashley Hugo said...

Hope you've got more stunning images to come! GN Diver is brilliant