Monday, 19 December 2011

Carnsew Pool Revisited

Following on from the day before I made another attempt to get some pictures of the two Great Northern Divers currently present at Carnsew. The wind had dropped significantly from yesterday which was a great help, although I was still dogged by poor light, the odd chink of sunshine getting through for a few seconds. (I finished work on Dec 8th and it has rained every day since then, is it me????) Despite all this the birds did give some confiding passes so I will be on the case again once the yellow thing in the sky re-appears!!! On the whole a big improvement from yesterday but worth another visit when the weather improves.


Great Northern Diver

Sunday Lunch

Brief glimpse of sunlight nicely lighting the bird

Another chink in the clouds lit this up.

Last one for today.


Sam and Lisa said...

Lovely set of images Bob.

Unknown said...

Great set of images Bob may try a morning on the Marsh next weekend either Sat or Mon if your around weather and light permitting!