Thursday, 20 June 2013

Final images from my Isle of Mull visit

Hi, well we are finally down to the last images from my Isle off Mull tour, a fantastic time comes to an end until next year, my favorite images in this last post have to be the Mountain Hares on the beach.

So  a great twelve days on Mull (Eagle Island); pleasantly surprised this year at the good weather throughout the time I was there.  Did miss out on a trip to see Puffins at Lunga, this was due to being a little to windy at sea, another White Tailed Sea Eagle trip was quickly scheduled instead!  No show stoppers but some really nice images were taken.  It was hard work this time, there seems to be a lot less wildlife around compared with two years ago when I visited, eg only three sightings of Short Eared Owl, not many Otter sightings either.  Previous bad weather before I arrived could be a factor, loss of habitat could be another I think. There appears to be a huge de-forestation program going on a the moment which is supposedly manged? It's become such a big operation they have constructed a special logging pier. Mull isn't that huge so can it cope with loosing forest on such a scale?I don't know?

I have included some landscape pictures in my posts just to show you all what a stunning location this is. Great for wildlife, great for landscape, and the locals make you feel very welcome, if you have not visited Mull I can highly recommend it. Pretty sure I will be back next year.

All the Nikon camera kit performed well, my only casualty was a tripod foot, which was replaced quickly thanks to Steve Rogers of who sent the replacement part to meet me in the Hebrides.


Broken tractor, any thing breaks on the remote islands appears to be uneconomical to repair.

Some boat wrecks also lying around in a couple of locations

Duart Castle 

Oyster Catcher

Red Deer


Great Northern Diver


Mountain Hare

Mountain Hare, on the beach

Gull with breakfast




holdingmoments said...

Well, these have certainly made me want to visit there in the future Bob.
Excellent images. I love the hares; and the Red Deer is a top composition.

JRandSue said...

I've enjoyed all your post Bob,what a great trip.
Superb captures.

Bobbster said...

Thanks for the comments John, Sue and Keith I can highly recommend a visit to the Isle of Mull, superb for wildlife, landscapes and walking etc

swopticsphoto said...

Some very nice images Bob - the flying Sea Eagle images are real stunners.

swopticsphoto said...

The eagle images are stunning Bob. Nice one.

Unknown said...

Last post was a beaut as well loved the Hares and landscape stuff it's made me want to go as well!