Sunday, 23 June 2013

Outer Hebrides days 3 and 4

Well I have now set up base in North Uist, seems to be a better location centrally. Found some local spots, ie Stinky Bay and Committee road so getting my head around the area's locations. OS map is really useful, just a pain to open and shut the bloody thing lol, it's huge.  Spotted my first White Tailed Sea Eagle on Benbecula but couldn't get out the van in time for pictures. Light is still causing issues but getting up at 4:30am ish, having a siesta and shooting late evening helps get around this.

Otter at "Stinky Bay"

Loch Sgiopoirt

Another uneconomical to repair tractor

Pair of Eider

Artic Tern

Short Eared Owl

View from picnic area at Loch Druidibeag


holdingmoments said...

Looks a great place to be Bob.
Love the Eiders.

Unknown said...

They're a bit fussy up there - That tractor's only got a bald tyre. ha ha

Monts said...

Great Images Bob, looks like a place to be.