Saturday, 22 June 2013

Outer Hebrides days 1 and 2

Well my first visit to the Outer Hebrides, I came off the ferry late on and booked into Kilbride campsite on South Uist.  A new site with stunning views and superb facilities and a nice public house in the form of the Polochar Inn great beer and food, old Inn with stacks of character and Wi-fi, lol.

So I spent my first couple of days exploring Loch's and bays on South Uist, if I am honest I didn't find much and unexpected but very welcome warm weather was producing some harsh light for photography.  I also found light direction on South Uist where ever I went was generally not in my favour. However you can only photograph in the conditions on the day so I just got on with it.  As in Mull earlier on the wildlife/bird front things seemed a little quieter than expected.  On exploring my first few bays I did come across a Pomarine Skua, I think see photo! The racket being made by Oyster Catchers in every bay I visited was intense, they were busy chasing gulls or anything that ventured into their space. After a couple of days exploring South Uist I headed to North Uist where I would base myself for the rest of my visit.

Whimbrel (I think) seems to have a large chest injury.


Oyster Catcher, like the light on this one

Rock Pipit

Pomarine Skua

Oyster Catcher, and blue skies in the Hebrides

First sighting of Corncrake at Balranold

Lots of displaying Lapwings about


holdingmoments said...

Great selection again Bob.
Well done on the Corncrake, nice one.

Wader ID is my downfall, but I'm wondering if the second is a Sanderling?
Not 100% certain on that, but I would think if it was a Dunlin, it would be much darker underneath.

Bobbster said...

Agree Keith now back at home with the big Collins Bird Guide so I also think Sanderling spring/summer plumage

JRandSue said...

Well done Bob.