Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Isle of Mull day's 7 + 8

Things slowed up a little over these two days, however still managed to get an obliging Great Northern Diver in summer plumage with some nice light too, which shows the plumage up nicely. My first pictures of the Corncrake, harsh contrasty light on these though, (get some nicer one's later). And also caught the Mergansers again ,a record shot of the male Hen Harrier and an early morning Swallow.

Early morning Swallow

Corncrake, Iona

Corncrake, "calling"


Great Northern Diver, and a rare rain shower!

Great Northern Diver

Hen Harrier (wish it had come closer!)

Great Northern Diver, summer plumage showing well in the afternoon sunlight


JRandSue said...

Stunning set Bob.

Unknown said...

How top were those Corncrake? We thought we were going to have to work for them on Iona but they were everywhere as soon as you got off the ferry. We had a Guided Tour of the Abbey which gave crippling views in the field behind.