Sunday, 16 June 2013

Isle of Mull Days 3 and 4

Hooded Crow Isle of mull

Well finding my feet now so it is time to start working a bit harder to get some images. There is definitely a reduction in the numbers of birds/wildlife or I am not looking hard enough, lol.  Still more variety in this post and even a couple of distant Otter sightings at Loch na Keal and Loch Scridain. However these would prove to be elusive to me throughout this trip! Video is a bit shakey ,lol

Great Northern Diver



Otter enjoying lunch

Hooded Crow

Great Northern Diver


Unknown said...

Those GN Divers were superb in summer plumage. Also had a couple of Black-throated's on Loch na Keal

JRandSue said...

Superb GND.