Monday 3 February 2014

Another Day, Another Storm! 150ft+ waves

Well this time storm "Brigid" rolled into our shores, this created a lot of damage in North Cornwall. As usual though I covered Lands End and Porthleven.  People ask why visit the same area, well it's all about research/learning conditions light direction etc and going out until I get the picture I want.  For my first shots of Longships Lighthouse at Lands End close to what I want but lighting wasn't right.  Need a massive early morning swell which would work well for what I want as the light (hopefully good) will be in the right direction. Swell direction wave height etc all come into it but the light is the most important aspect. So after photographing the lighthouse I headed to Porthleven, ok high tide was after dark around 6pm, but any remaining light would be in a good direction (it was but not good quality).

Longships Lighthouse

Longships lighthouse engulfed by 150ft+ waves

Porthleven defences being tested

Last of the light about an hour before high tide

The two people in front off the clock tower had already had a near miss, they were stud next to the light post for the previous wave which smothered them (idiots)

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