Sunday, 16 February 2014

Large scale destruction at Penzance, latest storm wreaks damage along promenade

I had seen the images on Friday night (14/02/14) of Penzance/Newlyn, I was in Porthleven at the time but I went down to have a look the morning after. Just amazing the power of nature when it is unleashed, although unfortunate it is material damage that can be rectified. Hope the pictures can give you a scale of the impact the latest storm had!

Huge stones from the promenade wall, have been lifted and deposited on the prom/road

No chance for the phonebox

Jubilee Pool took the brunt of the strom waves

Massive amounts of paving were destroyed

Removing the debris

Trail of devastation along the path

Andrew George MP, talks to a local resident

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Monts said...

Great images of sad times Bob