Thursday, 6 February 2014

Operation Boat Rescue at Porthleven

Following the devastating high tide which smashed the baulks breaching the inner harbour defences, six to eight boats were sunk and a huge operation commenced to remove as many boats as possible before the next high tide. Also there was damage evident all over the harbour area.

Not sure how this boat ended up blocking the road

The baulks that protect the inner harbour, completely gone

Tractor and manpower needed to recover the boats

The old lifeboat station, now an art gallery suffered significant damage

One of the large harbour wall stones, dislodged by the huge waves 

Harbour wall stones strewn across the road

One of the local cafes and adjacent properties boarded up

Heavy equipment to drag boats up the slipway out of the harbour

Manpower also pushing boats up the slipway

These are two of the large baulks that used to block the inner harbour!


holdingmoments said...

You've certainly had some terrible weather there Bob.
A shame our politicians aren't very helpful in times like this.
Now if it had happened in London, a different story.

Sam and Lisa said...

Hi Bob, the last two posts have real historic value. It sure has been horrendous.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Many of us have had to contend with natural disasters this past while. Here in Ontario the ice storm did considerable damage and we are just about buried in snow right now.