Sunday, 23 February 2014

Winter Sun at Marazion (well for an hour!)

Finally a break in the weather, no wind and sunshine, a great start weather-wise to the day.  Well the good conditions lasted about an hour, lol. Did mange a few shots before it clouded over and the wind picked up. Apparently Bitterns were flying all over the place in the hour before I got there, but this also stopped as the wind picked up so only saw a couple at distance, however there are still three confirmed birds over wintering.  A Stoat has also been sighted again I saw it three days ago and again is was spotted before I turned up this morning. Well then onto the images from Saturday.

Long Tailed Ducks off-shore

Mute Swan

Grey Lag Goose



Greylag in flight

Little Egret

Competition begins already for the prime nesting spots


JRandSue said...

Superb collection Bob.

Anonymous said...

Very nice set Bob, especially like the Bittern, you had a good hour.

Unknown said...

great use of the hour of sun Bob was down myself for a couple of days but had family commitments managed to get out for a few hours but didn't have time to call ya hope to see you I'm Back down in May and June will call then.