Sunday, 26 December 2010

Crap Weather means More From Yesterday

It had to happen, the weather has turned and we now have Strong winds and lots of rain inbound for the next 2/3 days. I did try Marazion, Newlyn, Hayle but no images to be had today (by me anyway) As a result here we have more images from yesterdays shoot. For those who have been away over the Christmas period it would be well worth looking back the last few posts for more Bittern shots. If we get rained off tomorrow as expected I will try to upload a slide show with my 12 favourite images of the year. They may not be best technically but hopefully you will enjoy them anyway. More of yesterday's  Xmas day outing below:

Grey Heron basking in the early morning sun.

Bittern, low level past the depth post (well worth enlarging)

Grey Heron, and yes the sky was that blue in sunny Cornwall for xmas

Bittern on ice, sunny day but not melting any of the ice.


1 comment:

holdingmoments said...

Those Bitterns are certainly performing well for you Bob.
Looks like a Gadwall to me :)