Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Life In The Freezer

Got out today just after sunrise, marsh was frozen but it wasn't to cold. Few shots of Bittern on the ice showing rather well.  So a good start. Then someone turned the wind up and it became absolutely freezing. At lunch had a brew and some solids in the cafe, warmed up again was ready to go. Wind was getting stronger, activity getting less and I had an "ice cream" head. So after shooting a couple of wagtails (with the camera) I called it a day. So more images taken through a lot of cold and effort, perks of photographing wildlife! Tomorrow's outlook is sunny but with cold NE winds, so I could make a couple of hours out but not an all day session.  Onto the images:

Walking on Ice

This posture means the Bittern is ready to fly off

And away it flies, to search for somewhere not frozen no doubt

Landing further back in the reed bed where maybe there is open water

Song Thrush, seems to be a few of these foraging on the Marsh at present

Grey wagtail

Pied wagtail


theconstantwalker said...

Beautiful images.

Sam and Lisa said...

Great Images Bob. Your header is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Great shots Bob I hope you have thawed out

Sally in WA said...

Wonderful photographs. Stay warm tomorrow!

NatureFootstep said...

even if it is cold you still have birds around. Even wagtails. In Sweden we have a lot of snow and really cold. Only place to go birding is to the feeders. :(