Tuesday, 21 December 2010

More Marazion Bittern Magic

Arrived at Marazion around 10.30am to be told I had missed all the action, Bitterns flying everywhere and sunbathing. As I walked through the gap in the wall I saw one walking across the ice, sods law, I had stopped to chat for two minutes, another opportunity gone begging. Waited for it to appear from the reeds which it did some two hours later, but being unco-operative it flew off in the wrong direction. After lunch I tried again, unbelievable one flew into the reeds at the end of the fence. I was hoping it would walk out on the ice but it flew instead, but it was so close, shots below. Some excellent lighting for photography was had late afternoon when some more stunning views were had. I often get asked why I visit so Marazion so often, simple it is where the action is at present and enables me to try and get better pictures. It is my intention to try some video, once I get some Bittern images I am happy with. Who knows when that will be? Onto today's images:

First image leaping out from the end of the fence

The second image in flight, check the talons out.

Grey Heron a rare sight compared to the Bittern

Spot of sun bathing

Coming in for one of those dodgy landings.

Keith Hargreaves said the Bittern would come out in the open ten minutes after he left, and he was right. (Good call, Keith) Breaking through the ice also

Just great in the late afternoon light

Some Curlews to finish the day off.

World Bird Wednesday-Click on the Image


Anonymous said...

I told you so Bob, Great shots

Sam and Lisa said...

Excellent shots there Bob. You were obviously in the right spot.

holdingmoments said...

Great shots of the Bittern Bob.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic series of the Bittern!

Empty Nester said...

Oh wow! Those are amazing!

Mary Howell Cromer said...

Wonderful images and the new banner/header image is awesome!!! Well done!!!

Jacky Poon said...

Amazing shots bob!! Just wish the bitterns are still there when I gets back!

Springman said...

Give a kid a camera and look what happens! May your steadfastness always be so richly rewarded. Your Distinction of Nature Associateship is in the bag.
I echo what you say about the rich reward of pulling together the many chance aspects and technical challenges necessary to capture images that are as much Art as they are windows into the natural world. Not everyone can do it. I'd love to see this study large, like on your header where the detail is in your face! Superb.

Unknown said...

Really good series of photos. Boom & Gary of The Vermilon River, Canada.