Thursday, 17 May 2012

Lizard, Windmill Farm and Croft Wood

In an effort to get some fresh images I decided to go walkabout today (Wednesday 16th May) Ok I didn't get much joy but the weather was all good. Lizard and Windmill I had been to before but not for a while, there is potential for good wildlife and macro shots. As I was walking looking I only had the 300mm f4 for the majority of these shots. So I guess it is time to dig out the macro lens and equipment. I was going to say sun cream as well, but cloudy again today!!!! Okay here are the images not a standard I am happy with but okay for the web.


Chough, you need to be really early in the morning to get this shot, and then you have to rely on the sun being out, you been fast enough with the camera, and a Chough turning up.  Guess I got lucky last time I got a view like this was two years ago.  This isn't as sharp as I would like either.

Whitethroat, I will have to lug the 600mm to photograph this if I visit again

With lots of Jacksdaws around it can be confusing when you r looking for Choughs, especially when both birds appear to have a similar wing injury.

One from Windmill Farm

My only image from Croft wood, lots off rain has left this wood a bit off a quagmire in lots of places

Goldfinch late evening at Windmill Farm

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