Monday, 14 May 2012

Stithians Sunday- "Pike on Loose?"

Well after yesterday at Stithians with the light still good I opted for another visit. The Great Crested Grebes are nest building (two pairs) and another pair thinking about it? I think also I spotted a rather large pike in the shadows in front of The main hide, but I will let the fishermen decide on that one. I then went up Goonhilly Downs last night in search of owls but no joy there, so didn't have time to post images last night. Sunday's images:

Pair of Great Crested Grebes

More weed collecting for the nest

Magpie, this is full frame, I would still like a shot of the bird out in the open showing the blue/green plumage off well. Have to work on that!

Great Crested Grebes

Coot, certainly made the most noise whilst I was there

My first view that something sinister was lurking in the shadows

Another view of the underwater threat

Whatever it was the Coot took a dislike and pecked it, as you can see it made quite a splash.


Monts said...

Great shots Bob like the Grebes, and that certainly looks like something fishy.
Have just had a look in one of my books Bob, and it looks like a ruddy great Carp which has yellow dorsal and tail fins with black stripes.

Dave said...

Hi Bob,
I think it may be a carp, looking at what can be seen of the tail and dorsal fin, definitely not a pike. Others more knowledgable than me may be able to confirm.

Bobbster said...

Hi Dave, Monts, thanks for the feedback and id of the fish as a carp!