Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Testing Nikon's TC 2OE iii

Intentions to go to the Lizard today however last nights forecast was spectacularly wrong; as a result I headed up to the North coast to test the tele converter. First was a Ravens nest still a bit overcast and cloudy so no images here. I should add I had the tele converter couple to a D7000 and 600mm F4 AFS 2 throughout. Initially it didn't fare to well in the dim lighting conditions. Once the light improve so did the pictures. All were shot at F8 with ISO varying between 200-640.  I was surprised it still Auto Focuses at F8 although slow. I was also informed Peregrines were on the cliff just North of the Grey Seals next to the seating area at Godrevy, well if they were I couldn't see them or they had gone. My conclusion is the converter has it uses coupled to a 600mm but you will always wish for more light, I think you can see the difference in the post when I swapped back to the normal 1.4x converter. Ok today's pictures,


Feeding time

Begging for food

Shags on the nest

Grey Seal


Unknown said...

The bottopm three images are class. Interested in this post and your view about the teleconverter as I am unsure whether to get the 1x7 or x2.

Bobbster said...

Hi Tony first thee images were with the 2x converter and last two with the 1.4x converter. The x2 converter images appear softer in this image batch which is what I would expect. But there are occasions where reach is more paramount over the loss of a bit of sharpness.