Thursday, 31 May 2012

Macro at Windmill Farm

Well conditions were far from ideal, stiff breeze and grey cloud. Any how I wanted to test the macro gear to give me an idea of what settings to use and see if it was all functioning correctly. Bit cold so didn't get any colourful butterflies, just some damsel flies and other bugs etc. Also gone a cracking view of a stoat but no images, sadly. (Always see something good when I don't carry the 600mm around!) Okay onto today's images I wont label them as I don't have a guide, feel free to advise! Okay onto the images.

Also unfortunately due to the unprecedented amount of spam generated via the blog from "anonymous" I have had to change the security settings.  The means you will have to fill in a couple of words to prove your not a robot. Apologies for this but it should only take a few extra seconds should you wish to comment/leave feedback etc.


Unknown said...

Great macro shots Bob what lense are you using for these shots, very sharp?

Bobbster said...

Hi Tony,

I am using a Nikkor AF 105mm F2.8, the one before the VR version, also for all these images it was coupled up to the Nikon twin micro flash system hence the reflection in the dandelion head which is an effect I like and will try again.