Sunday, 16 June 2013

Isle of Mull days 1 and 2

Well on the 16th of May I drove up to Oban and from there I got on the ferry for the 45 minutes crossing to Craignure,  The Isle of Mull.  A quiet crossing with no signs of any sea-life close enough to photograph. Mull beckons soon enough once you pass the Lismore Lighthouse.  On arrival in Mull a quick departure from the ferry at Craignure and drive to just passed Salen to Crannich Farm, superb campsite in a stunning setting. Days 1 and 2 were all about settling in and re-familiarizing myself with roads and directions. However there was time for a Sea Eagle boat trip on the afternoon of the 2nd day and a good forecast. (in fact to good the light was really intense!) The images are not in sequence, google just seems to be placing them all over the place so apologies for that!

Short Eared Owl, surprisingly my only one on a post in 12 days on Mull 
Early evening light, out looking for Short Eared Owls, Loch an Eilean and Loch Airde  Glais with Loch Sguabain out of picture!
View of Lock na Keal prior to the Sea Eagle Boat trip
Juvenile White Tailed Sea Eagle makes an apperance over the Sea Eagle Boat trip

White Tailed Sea Eagle

Lismore Lighthouse on the way to Craignure
A wrong turn took me into Loch Ghurrabain in Aros Park on the way to Tobermory, still great spot for some lunch and a brew


Ashley Hugo said...

Great pic of the Short-eared Owl, we didnt see any while we were there.

holdingmoments said...

What a bird that White Tailed Sea Eagle is. Love that shot of the 'evening light'. Pure magic.

Bobbster said...

Ash I was very surprised at the low number of Short-eared owls, hopefully they will make a comeback next year. Keith plenty more Sea Eagle action to come!

Unknown said...

Bob - The SEO's cleared out in October last year. You saw 1 more than we did. Is the second image taken by the 3 Lochs?

Ps - We've booked up for next year same time, 2 weeks this time though, not 1....

Bobbster said...

Hi Simon, yes 2nd image was taken by the three Lochs I will get the OS map out and re-label the locations! SEO's way down on numbers from two years ago, so makes sense if they cleared on in October. More SEO's on North Uist pictures later. I will also be back next year and I am think 4-6 weeks in Mull and same for Hebrides!

JRandSue said...

Stunning set Bob.

Unknown said...

Landscape shots look great as does that Sea Eagle.Mind you the van looks pretty good as well!