Sunday, 30 June 2013

Outer Hebrides Days 9 and 10

Well another great couple of days weather wise, blue skies and sunshine. A busy two days with many photo's again. Major sighting today was a Hawfinch real bonus my first sighting of one of these birds. The Hawfinch was located in the grounds of the Langass Lodge. The Lodge owner was not happy and instead of making birders/photographer welcome she removed the feeder so the bird moved on. A business opportunity lost she couldn't be bothered making tea's/coffee/sandwiches for birders/photographers, silly women.  She has a dislike of people in camoflage gear with big lenses so if a Hawfinch/rare bird turns up there again you might be more welcome if you turn up in your tweed jacket and Rupert bear trousers, lol. I have included some record shots of Hen Harrier so apologies for the quality, I did see a nest location  but as it is a schedule one bird I kept. my distance. Watching these birds doing food passes was amazing (to distant for pictures though) but did witness about five passes in all, superb. More Short Eared Owl were found and a record shot of a cuckoo for my efforts.  Well I shall get onto the pictures.

Not sure if this was a road kill or not, but it was soon taken away, so no food for  opportunistic birds/animals

Short Eared Owl on rock (makes a change from the posts!)

Short Eared Owl

Male Hen Harrier returning with prey

On this occasion the male Hen Harrier drops the food straight down to the nest, look closely below  to the right of the male and you can just make out the female

Short Eared Owl hunting


Dunlin? bathing


Young Artic Tern

Red Deer

Corn Bunting

Corn Bunting

Artic Tern


Red Deer at Sunrise (enhanced a bit in PS, there wasn't as much colour but I saw the  potential)


The closest I got to the cuckoo




JRandSue said...

Wow Bob,these are outstanding,love every shot.
But the Hawfinch are my favourite,love to take images as good as these.

Unknown said...

Fantastic selection Bob love the Owls but like John love the Hawfinch Light and D4 winning combination.