Saturday, 30 January 2010

All quiet at Stithians, Swans declare war at Maza

A quiet start today at Stithians which was a bit frustrating as the light was poor 90%  of the time. As a result I did miss some pictures including the Marsh Tit and Coal Tit, no-sign of the Kingfisher.  Onto Marazion a walk up to the Railway crossover produced nothing very quiet here also.  Good views can now be had over the marsh  from the seated area on the path to the old hide spot; the reed cutter has done an excellent job here. Returning to the other end of the Mrash (beach side) all hell broke loose.  The swans decided it was time to commence fighting over territory and mates by the looks of things.  Lots of photos but only a couple here. I was freezing and a bit of hail fell about 3.30pm so I bottled it and went home. Here are the pictures.

Reed Bunting at Stithians Southern cut off

Jay at Stithians Southern cut off

GS Woodpecker at Stithians Southern cut off

Tufted duck at Stithians Southern cut off

Coot from Stithians Stuart Hutchins hide

Swans, bad case of bullying! at Marazion

Swans: the squabbling continues at Marazion

Water Pipit? at the marsh edge


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob I see you have now started work as a War correspondent, Great set of photos.

JRandSue said...

Great shoot Bob.

Simon Taylor said...

Yeah Water Pipit Bob

Well done.....

Ashley Hugo said...

Excellent images Bob. Great action with the swans.

holdingmoments said...

Cracking selection Bob.
Those swans really mean business don't they.