Saturday, 23 January 2010

Work in the way again!!!

Unfortunately work this weekend has messed up the planned photography at Loe Pool, Man an Tol and Stithians. So I won't get much until next week when the cold temperatures are back, how lucky is that??? Did manage to grab a couple this am before work at Marazion, also managed to miss two Bittern's in flight and a fox (must of been a really bad day)

Swan, in the early morning sunlight when it eventually broke through.

Magpie chasing Sparrowhawk. At least I think it is a Sparrowhawk?? Originally thought I was photographing two magpies so bit of a surprise when I downloaded this one.


Angie Moore said...

Love the Magpie/Sparrowhawk shot!

WPATW said...

Agree Bob - Sparrowhawk Well captured


word verification: goduck how very apposite. Made me laugh anyway :-)

JRandSue said...

Nice capture Bob.

Sam and Lisa said...

Cracking shot of the magpie/sparrowhawk