Sunday, 3 January 2010

More From Yesterdays 7D test

Ok rain and bad light mean't no new pictures today, and that work thingy interferes next week so updates not as regular from now on. Still here are some more images from Marazion.

Heron on Ice:  looking for a break in the ice so he can fish.

Crow on the edge of the Marsh

Teal flying through the reeds. Surprised the 7D Auto focus system got this.

Swan: Sun bathing in the warm winter sun.

Swan:  This swan in flight is a full size image no crop.  Could of actually done with it being slightly further away.


Ashley Hugo said...

Wow, Nice shots.
Im now going to go and save for a 7D and 600/4.
That Teal shot just shows how good the AF is!

Martin said...


You might like to link to this

and also this for noise tests, having read your RPS forum post



Bobbster said...

Hi Martin thanks for the links, hopefully next weekend I will get out and about and carry out my own noise tests again. On the AF initially it looks good but again I need to carry out a more thorough test.

Thanks for the comments ASH that was one spot AF on the Teal