Monday, 11 January 2010


Today I noticed there are two Bitterns at Marazion Marsh, about 4pm this afternoon both went over from Marazion to Longrock pool within about one minute of each other.  One even did a circuit of the marsh but waited until Rachel had gone to lunch!!! Its about the 6th time in about a week I have seen the Bittern in flight but only today did I get a shot.

Redwing: Enjoying the warm winter sun.

Magpie: Sat on the fence drying off, a really colourful bird when the light is good.


Bittern in Flight:  This is the one that did a fly by while Rachel was at lunch.

Snipe: flying low over the frozen marsh

Bittern at Longrock pool. I think he was about to go to roost when the heron dropped in.


Anonymous said...

Suberb Photography Bob, Mel will be upset to have missed them as was Rachel

JRandSue said...

Good spotting Bob,excellent images.
Well done

holdingmoments said...

Great set Bob; especially the flight shots.

Simon Taylor said...

Excellant Bob, truly excellant. You've put enough time and effort in at Marazion to capture this bird and the images are well deserved.

Good effort

Sam and Lisa said...

Good to see you again today, I agree with ST you have certainly put the time in down there, Brilliant!!

Scillybirds said...

I would have loved to have seen the bitterns at marazion if they were little bitterns I would have flown back to be there Lovely Shots.