Sunday, 10 January 2010

Bitter Cold but no Bittern

A very nippy day a Marazion, spotted the Bittern twice in brief flight but failed to get a decent image. I would say 99% of the marsh is completely frozen. Looks like all the birds are suffering big style.  A dog walker found a lapwing which couldn't move its feet completely frozen.  The bird was warmed up but wouldn't fly off, so someone took it home to warm up and feed, didn't look good though. It was almost impossible to get pictures after an hour or so my fingers were completely numb with cold.  There was a multitude of Redwing coming in and going out in a steady flow, Pippets, Fieldfare, Waterrail, Lapwing etc were also on the Marsh.  Onto the pictures:

Pippet on Ice
Redwing: One of Hundreds
Golden Plover: Looking stunning under the afternoon sun.
Bath Time for a few Redwings
Teal in Flight; They seemed to do a circuit every so often to warm up?
Magpie: At the end of the day
Lapwing: If you look carefully at his claw you will see it is completly frozen in snow and ice, hopefully this thawed out later and all is well


JRandSue said...

Another superb collection.

holdingmoments said...

Cracking set Bob. Love the Golden Plover.

So sad hearing about the birds that are struggling and dying during this cold spell. I wish there was more we could do.
Hope that Lapwing makes it.