Monday, 22 March 2010

Black Tailed Godwits, Heron with Chicks and Alpine Swift (record shot)

With an unexpected clearance in the persisitant rain I headed down to Marazion for a quiet afternoon taking pictures of whatever was there. Within two minutes of me setting up I was surrounded by people looking for an Alpine Swift? This duly flew directly overhead which mean't I couldn't angle the 600mm to get the shot. I did get one from about two miles away though, hence the record shot. The Heron is sitting on two chicks at present. Also on the Marsh today were two Black Tailed Godwits, one in superb summer plumage. Running late tonight so straight onto the pictures:

Black Tailed Godwit in summer plumage.

Herons Nest, enlarge this one and you will see the yellow eye of one of the chicks above the copyright.

Alpine Swift (record shot for Sam Williams)

Black Tailed Godwits

Little Egret: I think this makes a great image when these birds ruffle their feathers.


holdingmoments said...

The summer plumage of the Black Tailed Godwit really is striking.
Love the Little Egret shot too.

Sam and Lisa said...

Well done Bob.thanks for the Alpine.