Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Persistent Rain, Gulls and Geese.

Well a quick trip to Marazion to be there before the incoming rain failed, I got there and within thirty seconds of setting my camera up it poured down. A brief respite followed but with nothing appearing apart from rain, fast approaching on the horizon I headed to Hayle RSPB hyde. Here I found Redshank, a Greylag Goose and some common gulls. I also had some SPAM posted on the blog last night and this has been removed, if you have any problems leaving comments/feedback please let me know admin@bobsharplesphotography.co.uk I think I have sorted it. So onto today's photographic attempts!!

Greylag Goose

Redshank, looking miffed with the weather, like me.

Gulls, seemed quite content dive bombing each other.

No harm done both Gulls unscathed.


Ashley Hugo said...

Nice composition on the Redshank.

Tabib said...

Love that in flight Greylag Goose.