Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day of the Cormorant and The Rain Again

Really getting h---ed off with this persistant rain, especially on my week off. Good news is I am back at work Monday so standby for loads off sunshine!!! Today from Marazion before the downpour there was Cormorant, Alpine Swift, Canada and Greylag Geese, Godwits and Herons.  However the Cormorant was the only one close for pictures and a pair of toads at Stithians (proper frog like ones). So onto the images:

First off a Portrait shot

A fishing shot, quite pleased with this one as they normally dine underwater unless it's a large catch

Time for a dip and splash about

And hanging out to dry

The pair of toads from Stithians.
Dont forget tonight featuring PEREGRINE FALCON--BBC1 9pm on Thursday- "Inside The Perfect Predator" features Cheetah, Great White Shark, Crocodile and Peregrine Falcon. (Not For The Faint Hearted) Further Information Here Inside The Perefect Predator


holdingmoments said...

Lovely portrait shot of the Cormorant Bob.

I'll look out for that show on i-player; cheers.

Sam and Lisa said...

Great Photo's and a great programme. Thanks for that Bob