Thursday, 18 March 2010

Time to dig out the old files Kenya to Helston

Well with work and weather restricitng picture taking this last and next few days; I decided to look at some old files. So here they are:

Siberian Tiger:  This image was taken at Dartmoor Wildlife Park at Sparkwell, near Plymouth. This park was featured in the TV programme Ben's Zoo.  Could be time for another visit there soon I think to see how things are progressing. It was in need of a lot of work and improvement when they aquired it. More tiger images here Bob Sharples Photography Big Cats

Woodduck? Taken at Helston boating lake in 2006, a nice surprise when I came accross it this afternoon.

Bateleur Eagle: A captive bird again taken at Dartmoor Wildlife Park

Female African Lion: Taken in 1994! Originally on colour slide film. And some of the Zebra can been seen on the grass, the remainder is in the Lions.


Anonymous said...

Great photography Bob I will have a print of the Tiger as Julie loves them.

Bobbster said...

Hi Keith posted a link next to the tiger image where you can find more big cat images. Intend getting new shots from Sparkwell soon.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob they are bril

holdingmoments said...

Lovely selection Bob. Love the Tiger, really caught the expression.
And, looks like a Wood Duck to me :)