Monday, 8 March 2010

Frustrating and Freezing

With sunlight forecast thought I would visit St Gothians, Carnsew, Hayle and Marazion.  Yesterdays freezing cold winds were still with us. This resulted in a frustrating day as the only life out and about in this chill were stupid humans (me included) My theory was, it is forecast cloud all week today is Sunny so get out and use the light. So I'm out, sun is out, but the bird and wildlife being rather more sensible was holed up for the day. So no mind blowing images as very little was happening. I did see the newly arrived wheatear at St Gothian Sands but they were to distant to get any good pictures.

Lesser Black Backed Gull at St Gothians

Curlew at Hayle

Redshank at Hayle

Swan flypast at Marazion

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