Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Positively Baltic Conditions at Marazion

Why is it when you get a new camera and are trying to test it the weather and light is rubbish period? Yes it was freezing cold down Marazion today with the odd sunny spell. Just three images to show and nearly some frost bite, god the wind was ice cold.  Got some gloves at Halfords on the way back may be I should of got them on the way there!!! Just the three pictures Peregrine Falcon, Shoveler and Swan.


WPATW said...


Your Kestrel is in fact a Peregrine Falcon


Bobbster said...

Thanks Martin I have ammended the text to reflect it. Not easy sometimes even with the guides.

JRandSue said...

Peregrine is brilliant.
Love the Swan in flight,great action shot.

Sam and Lisa said...

I agree, it was freezing today Bob. The Peregrine is some shot.